Special Thanks

This site has been created with the help of many different people and companies.

This site was built on a powerful, Inspirations based web builder called BoldGrid. It is running on WordPress, the most popular content management software online today.

Special thanks:

To Richard Goldy for providing the domain of this website.

To Roxanne Meeks, the Executive Director of the Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee, for encouraging, supporting, and guiding the Champions 4 Life initiative

To Alex Dulemba for aiding us with technical support.

To Dr. Marc Newman for supporting C4L. Dr. Newman is president of Speaker for Life and author of Contenders: A Church-Wide Strategy to Unmask Abortion, Defeat Its Advocates, Empower Christians, and Change the World. Thank you for inspiring us and for writing “Responding to Abortion-Choice Arguments on the Impact of Pregnancy.”